A downloadable game

K-Point Ski jumping is as the title says, 2D Ski jumping game.

34 Real Life based hills

Career mode still in development

Physics based 

Mause control 

Update 03/12/2019

- Fixed bug when cursor was not showing after finnished jump.

- Performance Improvments

- Quicker transitions between jumps

- Increased time window for take off and landing.

Updated 10 days ago
Published 12 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, ski-jumping


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please fix this problem

i can't download it too :(

i can't download this game :/

There is clearly a lot of quality work here.
My main issue is it's really hard to understand how to do successful jumps, I managed 112m after many many tries and having to experiment. It would be nice if it had a tutorial, like a video showing mouse movement and the player character reacting, I really wanna get into this game.
Congrats on the sheer quality :)

Thank you for feedback !

Im glad you enjoying it. You can search this game on youtube and see how to jump if that helps for now until i implement in game tutorial.

i cant download the game :(